some new features added
  • dfhdfh
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    hey all!

    i did some work on the forums today. in short:

    * it's now possible to quote a post, using the "Quote" link in the top of the post (
    * it's now possible to reply directly to a post, using the "Reply" link in the top of the post, essentially creating threaded discussions (
    * an automatic system for identifying spam is in place, settings might need to be tweaked (
    * inappropriate comments can now be flagged for review by a moderator. i hope this functionality won't be needed, but it doesn't hurt to have it.
    * moderators can now split and merge discussions.
    * new discussions can be tagged, which will enable easier searching and maybe other future features
  • dfhdfh
    Posts: 35
    also, some more formatting options when writing posts have now been added.
  • _ts__ts_
    Posts: 50
    Very nice, thanks for all you do man!
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