Were the ancient Egyptians as advanced as Us?
  • A friend showed me these videos. I think there's a good amount of evidence that they really were advanced based off of the information presented in all 5 documentaries.  . 

    Its really sad that there are people who think that they've debunked this. 

    This was amazing to watch after reading/watching all of the information that tony wright has on his beyond belief website. Ties in beautifully with left in the dark/ return to the brain of eden.

    Just type in The Pyramid Code into youtube and its 5 parts.


    part 1 
    part 2 
    part 3 
    part 4 
    part 5 

  • _ts__ts_
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    Hey Peak, thanks for the vids. I haven't seen this yet but I'll take a look. I think it's safe to say that the ancients were likely far more advanced than us, although it's tricky since our current notion of "advanced" is often very distorted. I think in terms of consciousness, they were likely much more advanced. 

    It's telling to that virtually none of the ancients regarded humanity as progressing. They all noted how we were on a downward slope into delusion and attempted to remedy it with a variety of ingenious methods- many that have still lived until today, albeit in often distorted versions. They regarded their ancestors as god like...

    Have you read Graham Hancock's books? With Tony Wright's work in mind, they provide a very different and fascinating perspective on human history. 
  • Ive heard about him and watched some videos on youtube. Il definitely get them. This is all so amazing... im currently reading and ordering the recommended books in the back of left in the dark.

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