Studying the Pirahã (or similar group?)
  • RobinRobin
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    As I suggested in the radio show I made on these ideas, the Pirahã's mode of being seems so different to us (e.g. contact with spirits, an inability to learn to count/write/draw straight lines...) that there might well be some observable differences, e.g. in brain function or even genetics. They live in a rainforest (Amazon Jungle) so a study could be logistically difficult. Possibly there are other such groups with radically different consciousnesses to our own. They are so few in number (<1000) that this might be a case of 'now or never'. Such a research project might be a way of helping protect them from the influence of e.g. logging companies or other such agents of de$truction.
  • _ts__ts_
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    It's not a bad idea at all. There has been some fascinating studies on the brainwaves and general neural functioning of life-long meditators which have revealed some fascinating differences in how even just their everyday resting brainwaves differ from the average person, and much else besides.

    It would be even more interesting to incorporate more of the parameters the theory suggests would greatly aid in accessing the right brain before and during the testing. It would be incredible if we could get a hold of a transcranial magnetic stimulation machine as well (or collaborate with a group or individual with access), to partially release the right hemisphere for a short time and see what emerges. I think this combined with a few other simple techniques and a long-term change in 'diet' could easily lead to some staggering results. We could also run tests during it to assess changes in things like melatonin production, immune system functioning, EEG waves and so on.

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