info on nonseasonal forests?
  • SquirrelSquirrel
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    Anyone have any links to any information about these rainforests? Where are they? Where did Tony Wright get his info on them? He says that they're the only place where we could have had access to fruit 24/7. I'm very interested in learning more.

  • DanielDaniel
    Posts: 10
    I think he is talking about the lowland evergreen rainforests found in the Amazonia and southeast Asia (EDIT: in the Congo Basin too). They are supposed to have lots of fruit, rain (distilled water to drink), and warm year-round weather. It sounds about right to me anyway. 
  • dfhdfh
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    our origins are in africa, so i assume those. can't remember how much detail there is about this in the book. the book is the place i would start. then i would do some research about the current african forests around the equator, and what is known about their history, going back some 2 million years.
  • DanielDaniel
    Posts: 10
    Lol, I don't know how I forgot Africa (edited my post). 
  • RobinRobin
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    Non-seasonal = equatorial. I would look around the Congo and Niger deltas.

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