Brain balance of Different Societies
  • RobinRobin
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    I began my radio show about LITD with a reading about the Pirahã tribe of Amazonia, numbering just a few hundred people. Their language is very different from (almost) every other known language. In modern eyes it is "deficient" - i.e. very few phonemes, no ability to semantcially embed, no ability to talk about things not personally witnessed, no counting, no colours. I muse in the show whether their thinking is different from ours. Since they live in a lush tropical forest, is it possible that they still exhibit a healthier brain balance than we do? Some of what Daniel Everett reports about them links pretty close to the ideas of LITD - e.g. their greater sense of self/connection ("I store food in the belly of my brother"), direct experience of the spirit world. If they do in fact have a better balance of brain hemisphere activity - and a healthier diet - I wonder how measurable this would be by modern science? Western scientists have apparently failed to teach them much (in spite of months of trying to teach them the idea of writing, or how to count). I wonder what we could learn from them?

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