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    For the past 20 years consciousness researcher Tony Wright has been investigating the mysteries of the human mind. His book Left in the Dark expounds the most radical reinterpretation of existing evidence from the disciplines of evolution, ecology, neurology, psychology, anthropology and other academic fields, whilst also placing the ancient ‘Ages of Mankind’ mythology and related traditions within a scientific context. These universal traditions were once the only version of history we had, and they describe the onset and progression of a neurodegenerative condition that really has left us in the dark. Often considered no more than the imaginings of a primitive mind and easy to dismiss as mere myths, they are in fact a more accurate natural history of humankind than modern science has thus far recognized.

    The book outlines the origin and nature of a condition that eventually left us virtually blind to its existence. While this may seem a challenging prospect it promises, amongst other things, the restoration of phenomenal abilities, exceptional immune function and, most importantly, a greatly enhanced state of mind and well being only rarely glimpsed by a tiny minority. If there was even the slightest chance that our perceptual equipment was dysfunctional then obviously the only sane response would be to check and make sure that it isn't. If the cause of our suffering is a severe neurological condition, the pivotal act of exposure is the sole requirement to initiate profound and rapid change.

    This website is to build community, discussion, and awareness of this information. By working together, we can unleash an idea so powerful that it infiltrates the minds at the pinnacle of our hierarchical society – even the minds most deluded and compromised. It is easy to observe our surroundings and sense that we, as a species, are recklessly invested in numerous dire predicaments; but, through the virtues of networking, we all possess the power to make a huge and immediate difference. This is not another band-aid non-solution, another filibustered dispute about how to medicate the symptomology of decay: this one proposal will bring the machinery of insanity to a grinding halt.
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    This is a beautiful description of what 'Left In The Dark' implies [according to its hopeful creator]..... Nonetheless, there is a Universality to it that is curiously - and ironically - missing from general discussion and Schools of Learning everywhere.

    The book is on top of a small pile on my night table, a place of cherished priorities in the time available to me. But it is high amongst the mountains on which I meditate in my daily journey through the continuum. I would like to share some of those thoughts with others, including Tony, as it resonates with essential Truth.

    But I feel it is huge - much wider and more profound than from the singular perspective [of Man] from which it appears to have been culled.... Not that this in any way denigrates the effort - and I admittedly have not yet managed to give it all the time it deserves - for reasons I would also like to share here.

    In a broader sense, the 'whole' of animate Life on our dear Mother Earth has been infected with the evil virus [that has caused our devolution]. And that sprung from the Fall from a very special place [in the scheme of things] that had been achieved in the evolutional masterwork of Nature and its Sublime Guiding Intelligence. How else can you characterize the grace and beauty of our species? of all species, really! What splendor that Great Union had wrought out of the glorious pastiche of Life the union had brought about on this gorgeous planet!

    So I would hope to see the intelligence of Tony's theory spread out like a sail across the heavens by which all who see and understand it will be inspired.... I fear, though, it is too small an audience that has the 'eyes to see'.... But it has to be there - clarity is no less diminished even in the absence of Light.

    So, yes, I hope to see our way forward inspired by contributions that are forthcoming here. In LovingKindness ....namaste!

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