documentary on fruit hunters
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    I thought this was pretty fascinating. The diversity of fruit is truly incredible.
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    This is the challenge we face regarding sourcing fruit in our modern context; we are severely constricted in terms of quantity and quality. Which is why juicing wild foods, such as dandelions and nettles, or if you live in the city, including a 30-50g of wild green juice powder everyday, may be so very important. I will discuss this issue in depth, in the future, as this is supremely relevant in relation to long-term hyper success :-)  
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    It was an excellent series, these fruit hunters. Thanks so much for posting the links. It seems an improbable, if not impossible, prospect ....that the collective conscience is going anywhere with such knowledge except into history.... We are so grateful ....really prostrate with humility the Great Spirit of LovingKindness that brought about even the merest awareness of the awesome Heaven on Earth we have inherited.  And if even for the briefest time as that which we have had and just simply knowing the little we have glimpsed was worth it a thousand times over!  
    Namaste dear brothers and sisters

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