anybody going to woodstock fruit festival 2013?
  • dfhdfh
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    well anyway, i am :) and if you want to see a live tony wright presentation and interact in person, you might be interested in going as well!

    it could also be a good opportunity for all of us interested in this topic to meet in person, discuss, share ideas and have some fun. (and eat some durian, too! ;)

    this year will be my first. more info here
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    I will try to make it! :-)
  • acdmacacdmac
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    I wish I could make it. I intend to move to Costa Rica in the future, so I guess then I would be closer. I currently live in the UK so it would be a long old trek!
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    If these were earlier times, Ruth and I would be there in a flash. The raw community we shared life with in S Florida will no doubt have emissaries at it.  

    Truth is, though, I am a voluntary exile from the US ....having my sensitivities bruised by the net effect of what, in the US vernacular, is called the 'American Dream' - the reality is that is a nightmare!  And we have to accept that our progeny all live there!  That's getting harder to take.

    But we wish all of you ....who don't have the particular stake I do go and enjoy the best of what the Old USA still has to offer. It's sure to be a special and satisfying event.  

    in LovingKindness

  • Hello all. I've been a silent observer until now. I'm going to Woodstock! I'm really looking forward.

    I'm also doing Doug Graham's Certified Lifestyle Coach Program where I read watch and listen to all of his materials and go to a number of his events. I've been eating an 80/10/10 diet for awhile now, with some dips into 70/20/10 as I'm having a hard time giving up high fat dinners. I would be curious what the rest of you think of the 80/10/10 diet.

  • _ts__ts_
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    I might end up going, still not sure yet. It would be great to meet you all!
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    I don't really feel that quoting onesself is seemly, but the message seems to be especially pertinent here, in this forum:-

    To know from the deepest reality there is ....that the taking of Life [as in eating the very family we were sent here to protect!] is profane key to understanding the diseased culture we come from and continue to sustain! ....yet this way of life disdains the Divine Path which each of us must come to if we are to evolve from the sacrificial space in which we dwell, asleep. 

    Sure wish all of you here our best.....

    Ruth & Steve

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